Everett High School Mourns Loss of Student

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Everett High School students will come together tonight to celebrate the life of a classmate gone too soon. Dalia Carpenter, a senior at Everett High School, died last Thursday. News 10's Amanda Malkowski talked to her parents and friends. Her family and friends are shocked the seemingly happy teen took her own life less than a week ago. The community is now coming together to grieve, and raise funds for her memorial service.

Dalia Carpenter was an Everett High School senior excelling in the classroom, as a Hope Scholar, and on the court, as a leader on the the volleyball team.

"She gave it 100 percent every time," said Serena Wade, Everett High School Volleyball Player,

But more than her achievement, her friends and family remember her kindness.

"She would never miss a beat to say Dad, I love you, before she hung up," said Steven Couthen, Dalia's Step-Father.

That's why loved ones are trying to piece together why Dalia took her own life last week.

"I still cry myself to sleep every night just cause, it wasn't her. To this moment, I don't understand, and I won't ever understand," said Kelsey Moore, Everett High School Student.

But what Dalia's friends do understand is that she was having issues with a few other Everett students on social media in the days leading up to her death.

"There was situations that led her up to be upset. To us, it was all just high school drama," said Moore.

One friend says she abandoned Facebook and Twitter because she had once had similar issues.

"Get off the social media because that's not worth your time. If anybody makes you upset, you need to just leave it alone. You need to just tell them... just stop messing with me. Because it's not worth your time and not worth your future," said Wade.

I spoke to a representative for Everett High School who responded to those allegations, saying they have conducted an investigation and found that neither bullying nor cyber-bullying contributed to this incident. But Dalia's mother says, she thinks it was most likely a factor.

"She didn't let most things get her down, but there were obviously some things going on that wasn't revealed to anybody," said Trina Couthen, Dalia's Mom.

As students started a new school week without Dalia, the Lansing School District Superintendent Yvonne Caamal-Canul expressed her condolences in her monday morning memo, writing, "It's especially tragic when the one we lose is a young person with so much life left to live. Even more anguishing is when the loss is a result of escape from desperation and hopelessness."

Students planned a candlelight vigil in Dalia's honor and have helped her family raise money for her memorial service. So far, members of the community have given nearly 5 thousand dollars. Students told me that they hoped for more assistance from the school.

"We want to make t-shirts and make buttons and do this stuff, and we can't, but they could do it for a teacher who passed away. It doesn't make sense," said Moore.

"She was a part of Everett. She participated in everything. She was a Viking, and they could've been more supportive of her," said Alyssa Burtley, an Everett High School Student.

And Delia said goodbye where she expressed many of her feelings, on social media, telling everyone she loved them.

Dalia's friends, and members of the community will join her family tonight in support at event celebrating her life. It will be held at Fahrenheit Ultra Club Lounge on South Cedar Street in Lansing. Organizers tell us there will be inspirational artists who will perform. The public is invited to attend. the time to go is between seven and nine.