East Lansing is Preparing for the 'Batman' Shoot

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Crews are putting the finishing touched on the Batman v. Superman movie set outside MSU's Broad Art Museum. Insiders tell us they're setting up the museum for a ballroom or a dinner scene next Thursday and Friday nights.

Aaron Solon owns a comic book store across the street. He's watched the walls go up, but doesn't know any details.

"I know my business partner went over there and was trying to figure out what's going on but now one was really telling him anything," Solon said.

We reached out to local law enforcement and Warner Brothers. They're not talking either.

But, people can see why they chose the museum.

"Just the architecture alone - it's very chaotic and you know anything different will be good for that," said Dale Maxey of the Cottage Inn Pizza.

East Lansing's City Manager, George Lahanas, said be prepared for possible detours as more crews, actors and extras move into town.

"The city has been asked to provide some road closure assistance for a couple of nights over the next number of days probably the next week or two - time period. And we would be assisting with road closures on Grand River," Lahanas explained.

Despite the possible road blocks, nearby businesses think the set will pull in more customers.

"I'm hoping to possibly put up a sign on the railing out front, maybe draw some business over," Maxey said.

"I'm kind of hoping maybe like some people just stop by and like check out the store, like some of the actors or whatever, but I don't know. We were joking yesterday, it'd be kind of cool if Batman just sort of checked out the place," Solon added.

And, students are preparing to be starstruck.

We spoke to two freshmen at MSU who exclaimed, "Definitely excited, hope to meet em." And, "Yeah that's really cool that famous people are going to be here."

No word yet on when Grand River will be closed. MDOT told us they'll let us know early next week. We'll keep you posted.