Diaper Need Awareness: Help Is Available

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Lansing, MI - Many families right here in Mid-Michigan struggle with not having enough diapers. There's a push now to get diapers to families in need, because it is National Diaper Awareness Week.

Whether you're struggling with diapers for your baby, or even diapers for adults who may need them, local agencies can help.

Diapers can cost families around $80 per month per child, and for new parents on a tight budget or living in a shelter, it's often impossible to keep up.

Plus, it's not just babies in need of diapers. People with disabilities and the elderly rely on diapers, and these adult products are often much more expensive than diapers for babies.

That's why the Mid-Michigan Diaper Bank works to supply agencies like the Homeless Angels, St. Vincent Catholic Charities and more with diapers for babies and adults.

Volunteers say no matter your age, having diapers is a basic right.

The Homeless Angels get around 3,000 diapers per month from the Diaper Bank, and often run out of that allowance before the end of the month.

If you need diapers, simply call one of these agencies. For a list of charities that the Diaper Bank supplies, click on the link in this story.

Hannah's House, a women's shelter in Lansing gives diapers to people in need. Call them at (517) 482-5856.

If you want to help, donations in the form of diapers or cash are accepted at the Mid-Michigan Diaper Bank.

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