Deer Hunting Brings Big Economic Impact

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Paul's Gun Shop in Charlotte is in peak season.

"We start building in the middle of August until November," Gean Burns, owner of Paul's Gun Shop, said. "Then it tapers off a little bit before Christmas, but Christmas is still good."

Just a week before deer hunting season begins in Michigan, leaders from the Department of Natural Resources and those involved in Michigan's tourism industry, gathered to discuss the benefits of deer hunting in Michigan.

"Deer hunting season is not only important to the state of Michigan because it gets families together, it's a great social activity," Department of Natural Resources Director, Rodney Stokes, said. "It also means a lot to our state's economy."

Despite declining numbers that have dropped by 1% to 1.5% over the last ten years annually, DNR is still expecting roughly 650,000 hunters to get out for the season. The expected 650,000 hunters will bring in a tremendous amount of money to the state.

"Well the economic impact of deer season is roughly $6 billion in total," Michigan Lodging and Tourism executive director, Steve Yencich, said.

The money from those hunters doesn't just come in November. It'll last throughout the year.

"The delayed impact extends into the spring and summer seasons," Yencich said. "You view different destinations where you might like to go swimming (in the summer)."

But, Gean Burns in Charlotte is just concerned about keeping his business up, right now.

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