75 Babies Born at Sparrow in 5 Days

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It's been a busy week at the Sparrow maternity ward, where 75 babies were delivered between Wednesday and Sunday of last week.

So we pulled out the calendar to find out what may have led to Mid Michigan's baby boom.

About nine months ago, there was snow on the ground, and apparently love in the air.

As a result, "We had 75 babies in 5 days," said Monica Woolman from Sparrow Labor and Delivery.

She says, this is nowhere near normal.

"When you look at our volume for the month, we do a lot of deliveries," Woolman said. "But to come in that big of a group the first week of November is definitely unexpected."

But new mom Stephanie Brummette has a theory.

"That movie came out, so I don't know if that's why or what," Brummette said.

That movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, came out on Valentine's Day.

But Woolman says, don't be fooled, most women are pregnant for a lot longer.

"A lot of times you talk about 9 months because by the time you find out your pregnant, you're already 4 weeks along," Woolman said. "So really 40 weeks is closer to 10 months."

So that big storm that closed schools and offices in January could be to blame too.

Brummette and her husband welcomed their son Wesley Marshall on 9:21 p.m. Saturday, weight 9 lbs 4 o.z. And he's one of 115 babies and counting that have been born at Sparrow since November 1st.

"It really pulls the team together when we're busy," Woolman said. "You can really see how everyone works together."

And since Wesley is Brummette's third, she has some advice for the more than hundred moms that delivered this week.

"If it's your first one, cuddle. If it's any more than that, survive."