Animal Shelter Holds "All-Night" Adoption Marathon

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For Vicki Howery and her family, coming out and adopting a puppy at the Ingham County Animal Shelter was a no-brainer.

"The thought of these beautiful animals sitting in a shelter and not going to a home...I couldn't bare it any longer," said Howery.

It was a feeling shared by many who filled up the shelter, Friday night, for its first 'All-Nighter'. The result of which was dozens of empty kennels and cages.

"Normally, we have 200-plus animals on a day like today," said Jamie McAloon Lampman, Director of the Ingham County Animal Shelter. "Just slammed all day."

With the help of volunteers, the shelter wanted to get as many dogs and cats adopted before closing for the holidays. McAloon Lampman says it is important, especially during a time when there can be as many animals brought into the shelter by their owners as there are leaving it.

"Christmas and Fourth of July are the two biggies," said McAloon Lampman. "[Owners] have just made a decision to get rid of this dog because it's inconvenient because they're going on vacation and don't want to pay for boarding."

But while plenty of people brought in animals, shelter volunteers expected very few animals left at the end of the night. It's hard to believe McAloon Lampman got the idea from the Facebook post of a friend who works at a shelter in Washington.

"She had a video on and it showed empty cage, empty cage, empty cage," said McAloon Lampman.

Now, that's exactly what the Ingham County shelter is seeing.

"We're going to experience what every shelter in the United States wants...and that's an empty shelter," said McAloon Lampman.

To help bring people into the event, donor money lowered the adoption fee to $21 total, including vaccinations.

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