Amateur Racers Spend Holiday Weekend at MIS

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Danny Kellermeyer was getting revved up this holiday weekend.

"It's heart-throbbing," he said. "If you do a good lap, you come back and your jaw hurts because you clenched your jaw so much."

And he said it's something that's always been in his blood.

"I've actually raced since I was eight years old," he said. "Go-carts, drag racing, into stock car and now into road racing."

Kellermeyer was one of about 150 other enthusiasts in the Sports Car Club of America who took to the track this weekend at the Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, Mich.

Cars of all kinds and varieties, from stock to formula and various modified models were being raced around the two mile track.

"It's part of the qualification series for the national runoffs and it's been since November that we've been working on putting this race together," said Verne Wandell, regional executive, Sports Car Club of America.

"It is one of the experiences of my lifetime."

And it's an experience that's not just about having the fastest car or the best lap time.

"It's a chance to see folks you may not have seen in quite a few years and have shared some sort of experience with," Wandell said. "So, it's an old home-week just in a new place."

It's that community aspect of the sport that Kellermeyer said keeps it worthwhile.

"It's the fun of working on the cars, building the cars and probably the most enjoyable things is just the people you're with," Kellermeyer said.

"You're able to create some nice friends and you've got like two families: your family at home and then you come out here and you have your race family."

This is the first time in about twenty years Michigan International Speedway has allowed amateur racers to use the track.

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