Allegiant Air Leaves Lansing Airport

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A decreasing number of passengers pushed Allegiant Air to move elsewhere in January.

"This shares really a negative message to some of our carriers," said Nicole Noll-Williams with Capital Region International Airport. "But yet, it opens up some opportunities for other carriers to come in and provide services and markets for us as well."

But, they're only going to come to the Capital Region International Airport if the demand increases.

"The consumers from this area need to realize you have to use what we currently have for us to expand and add more frequency to other destinations," Noll-Williams added.

So, they're asking passengers to "fly Lansing."

Noll-Williams explained, "You can go anywhere in the world. You can go to Florida, you can go to Paris, you can go to LA. All of those destinations are available right from the Lansing airport."

But, you have to a grab a connecting flight first.

"That's one of the challenges out there for people making the decision to get on the road and drive. But, keep in mind there's always a connection, right? You're choosing, if you live in this area, to get in the car, you're making your connection, taking your flight so to speak, to drive to another airport, so is it nonstop? No," Noll-Williams told News Ten.

And when you choose to "fly Lansing," the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce said you're helping the city's economy.

"The economic impact for the airport is over a billions dollars," said President and CEO Tim Daman of the Lansing Regional Chamber. "It's a critical economic development asset for our region."

And, the airport is crucial to the operation of local businesses.

"From the business aspect there are two pieces to me. And, I think one is being able to get people to where they need to go and the second part of that is getting products and goods not only into our state, to the upper Midwest," Daman said.

The Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce agrees the airport is an asset that needs to be taken advantage of. And, they're working to encourage local businesses to fly locally.