Affidavit lays out case against Dunnings

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Paying women for sex, bailing them out of jail and paying their way through drug treatment. Those are some of the claim investigators are making about Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings. He's out of jail and facing 15 prostitution-related charges

Police say it started online when Dunnings hired a prostitute on an escort website. She was the first of six women Dunnings paid for sex, all according to an affidavit from a sheriff's detective.

The report--which is based on evidence gathered by police and has not been proven--claims over the next five years Dunnings met her for sex as many as three to four times a week, taking her to hotels around Lansing.

The woman told investigators Dunnings asked her to set up a threesome and that she recorded it at least once.

The report says Dunnings started regular meetings with the second woman paying her for sex more than 200 times in four years.

In that time investigators say Dunnings was contacted by a woman who needed help in a custody dispute. The affidavit says Dunnings knew she was struggling financially and offered her money for a sexual relationship.

Investigators talked to two other women who said Dunnings paid them for sex. Both were addicted to drugs and were beaten by their pimps.

A sixth woman said she only had sex with the prosecutor once.

The Causeway Bay Hotel in South Lansing is one of the places police say Dunnings took women to to have sex. Investigators say Dunnings paid the women thousands of dollars over the course of the 5 year investigation.

The costs varied. One woman was paid anywhere from $100 to $140, another got $600 every two weeks. On top of that investigators say Dunnings spent hundreds on things like groceries, rent, gym memberships and bail. Dunnings even paid about $80 a week for one of the women's methadone treatments.

Those statements from witnesses were enough for police to get a warrant and arrest Dunnings Monday morning.

Dunnings pleaded not guilty to charges filed in Lansing and Ingham County District Courts. He'll also be arraigned in Ionia and Clinton counties.

**News 10 wants to reiterate, this story is based on a sworn affidavit from an Ingham County Detective. None of the allegations have been proven in court.**