AFSCME Trying To Stop Prison Food Service Change

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-- A Michigan labor union says it will try to stop a three-year, $158 million prison food contract approved outside open-bidding rules.
AFSCME Council 25 said a state board's decision Tuesday to OK the contract with Trinity Services Group violates state law. Gov. Rick Snyder's administration announced Monday that the state and current food vendor Aramark Correctional Services cut ties early and Trinity would do the work instead.
The union says changing vendors without re-bidding the work is "bad business" that "cheats the public." It says state employees should do the work like before.
A Snyder administration spokesman says going with the only other bidder from two years ago ensures a "smooth, uninterrupted transition."
Snyder and Republicans say privatization is saving money. Critics say it's caused food safety and other issues.

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