A Movie Set is Moving Into East Lansing

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There's something going on outside of the Broad Art Museum and possibly inside it, too. Green walls are being put up, drills are running and stacks of wood are ready to cut.

Could they be constructing a set for the new Batman v. Superman film?

"There's been a lot of talk around campus, kind of quietly like oh, we heard they're scouting locations around here," said MSU staff member, Brian Martinez.

And they were back in January.

We spoke to the Michigan Film Office who won't confirm the construction for the film, but they told us we'd notice when crews started rolling into town. Fans said it has to be them because of the location choice.

"The Broad Art Museum has a very cool sci-fi look to it. I can definitely see a billionaire like Lex Luther working there," explained local comic bookstore employee, Dylan Oshier.

Martinez added, "It kind of looks like the Fortress of Solitude, so it's a unique location. Superman could probably go in there, spend some time all by himself."

Regardless of what scene it'll be or what actors come to town, people are excited for the attention Mid-Michigan can expect.

"It'll give a good face to campus. People will be excited to come see - hey this place was in Superman v Batman and yeah I just think it's a positive thing," Martinez said.

"I definitely think if this sort of movie is successful and they can, you know everyone can see oh Detroit, Michigan - they can contribute to the movie industry and they can bring more movies here... I think that'd be awesome," Oshier added.

Several people have also applied to be extras in the film.

One lucky viewer told us he's due to wardrobe October 14th. It hasn't been confirmed when his scenes will be shot.

We've also been told movie producers have exclusively asked employees of the Douglas J Aveda Salon in Okemos to do hair for a high society ballroom scene.