Airplane Forced to Return to Airport

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Passengers bound for Minneapolis, on Northwest Airlines flight 619, Sunday morning weren't in the air very long.

"The flight departed on time, and upon departure the crew did report there was smoke in the cockpit," says Nicole Noll, Director of Regional Market Development for the Capital City Airport.

The NWA flight returned safely back to the airport roughly 20 minutes later.

"There were 102 passengers on board and all [the] passengers did come off the aircraft shortly after eight. And all of them have been rebooked, rescheduled, either, for later today or for tomorrow."

Noll says there were no reports of injuries.

"There have been occasions in the past, maybe, with private or corporate aircrafts that have returned back due to smoke in the cockpit, and [in] those situations the aircraft has landed safely and the passengers have gotten off the aircraft with no problems."

Mechanics have been working on the DC9-50 airplane. And it's scheduled to be ferried out to Detroit. The source of the smoke is still unknown. News 10 made repeated attempts to contact NWA, but our phones calls were not returned.

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