Helping Michigan Businesses Succeed

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A company specializing in helping businesses succeed on the web makes a stop in Lansing today.
Traverse City-based OneUpWeb is touring around the state in a 1970's motorhome--- providing business owners with online marketing advice-- for free.
The company's CEO and founder tells News 10 it's imperative for small businesses--- or any business for that matter--- to market themselves on the internet if they want to survive. "For those who don't understand that they need to have an online presence now, and be serious about promoting their business online, they're gonna have a tough pill to swallow when we come out of this downturn of the economy," says Lisa Wehr, CEO & Founder of OneUpWeb. "You've gotta change your attitude, change perspective, start looking at a bigger world and really factor in online marketing."
OneUpWeb is also collecting business cards at each stop to create a new, free statewide business directory.
To learn more about the bus tour or for more information on helping your business succeed--- click on the link below.

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