Jackson "Worst" For Jobs? Locals Say No

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It's fair to say business is heating up at the Jackson Coffee Company on Mechanic Street.

"We're really thriving," says owner Brian Surgener. "We're in expansion mode at the Coffee Company. We hired five new employees last week, and we're anticipating hiring two more in the next month."

In fact, Surgener is getting set to open a second location in Jackson June 1, where he'll hire eight more people to caffeinate their customer base that's growing still.

"I think a lot of people think no one's spending money here in Jackson, but that's not true at all," he says.

Business might be booming here at the Jackson Coffee Company, but a new report says the contrary; Forbes.com says Jackson is the worst small city in the country for jobs.

"It's all subjective information," says Jackson city councilman Dan Greer of the Forbes.com report.

Yes, unemployment in Jackson is at 13.4 percent, but Greer says Jackson is adding jobs, from Brownfield projects to Smartzone facilities.

"I can tell you Jackson's doing very well, especially in the medical profession and health care," Greer says.

The report cites Jackson's drop in manufacturing as a reason for its dubious honor, but Surgener sees that as an opportunity.

"There are jobs here in Jackson. Jobs are being created. We're shifting away from manufacturing and more to service jobs," he says.

"I hate to sound like Bob Barker but come on down," Greer says. "The price is right, we have the right economic tools. We're willing to go to work for you."

They're looking for the sweet in a pretty sour report.

Six out of the ten worst small cities for jobs, according to Forbes, were in Michigan; Jackson, Battle Creek, Muskegon-Norton Shoes, Grand Haven-Holland, Saginaw and Flint.

You can access the report by the link below.

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