Popeye's Chicken Grand Opening

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Popeye's Chicken and Biscuits on Martin Luther King Blvd. has been open over a week. The grand opening was held Tuesday and local leaders say the business could be a revitalizing factor in the area.

Mayor Tony Benavides was on hand to cut the ribbon. He says $1.4 million has been invested in the project, which has created 40 new jobs. Those new employees have been busy. More than 1,700 pounds of chicken are ordered each day, as well as plenty of side dishes.

Popeye's is famous for its side dishes, ranging from dirty rice to cajun mashed potatoes. Benavides say the business is drawing people from all over the city, and setting an example for other businesses. Already, discussions are underway to develop the lots on either side of Popeye’s.

Managers say the average wait in line for the drive-thru has been 40 minutes. Cars line up onto MLK causing congestion. The city has donated traffic barricades and blinking signs to help with traffic.