Popular Restaurant Closes Doors

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There's no "closed" sign, no explanation..just pink slips for 80 employees. T.G.I. Friday's at the Holiday Inn in Delta Township is "closed" leaving many scratching their heads.

"I was like, 'what's going on?' i was supposed to meet a friend here for lunch.

Tiny Moore is just one of dozens of customers who came to the restaurant for lunch to find the doors locked.

"I was just hoping they had relocated or something and i was going to find out where they were at. But if it's gone, it'll be sad."

The company says it is gone, at least for now. A spokesperson says they voluntarily left the building out of fear they would be kicked out by the township, due to delinquent taxes owed by the Holiday Inn. A pre-emptive strike, Township Finance Director Jeff Anderson says wasn't necessary.

"It's a viable business in the community and we want to do everything to help business in the community."

Township leaders want to work out a payment plan with the hotel to payoff the $29,000 owed in back property taxes.

"We've had conversations with them to work out a payment plan to get the taxes current."

The owner is listed as Portfolio Lansing, LCC. Our messages were not returned. We talked to some employees of T.G.I. Friday's who told us off-camera, the company had even been bouncing checks the past several weeks. Some went as far to say that the hotel is now under new management. Holiday inn refused to comment. Friday's will now offer severance packages to those 80 laid-off employees in addition to unemployment benefits.

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