Kid Finds Bobbing Hand In Grand River

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When 12-year-old Zack Bastian casts his line, he's hoping for a big bite.

"I catch bass, I catch carp, anything that really bites," he says.

But something else grabbed his lure this week. Fish it wasn't; fishy it was.

"It looked like hands came up out of the water, bobbing," Zack says.

A hand and five fingers, attached to an arm, just floating in the Grand River at Island Park in Grand Ledge. Zack and his step-dad called the cops right away. Zack was left reeling.

"I definitely thought it was a dead body, it just scared me so much."

It wasn't a dead body but a body it was-- a dummy belonging to the Capital Area Dive Team, left in the river from a June practice exercise.

"The day went a little too long, weren't able to retrieve the dummy that day," says Sgt. Joe Brown, commander of the team. He says he's surprised the weighted-down dummy ever re-surfaced.

"It's a great story but no doubt scary until you realize what it was. We never expected anyone to find it. We told police just in case but never thought anyone would find it," Brown says.

"I'd probably be taking him to counseling," says Zack's mom, Lauri. "He's a strong kid but even the dummy affected him somewhat, we laugh about it, we say it's the best fishing story in the family but I'm just grateful it wasn't [a dead body]."

As exciting or scary as reeling in a dummy from the Grand River was, Zack says he's stick to fish for now.

"I just like going out, wondering what I'm going to catch," Zack says.

A fish-- or a fish tale-- either one is fine by him.

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