Propane Costs Increase

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Sizzling the chicken on the grill this summer could come with a steeper price tag for propane.

"It used to be $17.99, now it's $18.99," said Teha Jones, a cashier at the BP in Grand Ledge.

That's for a propane exchange, the price of a 20 lb. tank of propane also went up from $47.99 to $48.99 at the BP in Grand Ledge. Customers say even the $1 increase can take a bite out of the family barbecue over time.

"Much like the gas, propane has went up in the last month, and it increases the cost of having fun; basic barbecues and such," said John Shroad of Lansing.

But barbecue lovers shouldn't blame propane prices on the pump, because experts say it has nothing to do with gas prices but rather the demand for fuel in general.

"Regardless if it's gas or fuel for cars, home heating such as natural gas or propane, the world population is expanding, so it just stands to reason that all fuels will slowly creep up in price, " said Joe Ross of the Michigan Propane Gas Association.

Ross says nearly 90 percent of propane comes domestically which is why gas prices don't play a strong role in propane prices, but there are still ways to preserve your propane.

"Most people turn their grill on too soon, and pre-heat their grill way too soon; they leave it on too long afterwards, when their done cooking; I mean that alone can cut into your fuel use by 30 to a half," Ross said.

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