$3 Million For Road Repairs

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No one can accuse Mildred Templeton of being dramatic when she describes the potholes in Lansing.

"This is the worst year ever," she says. "It's never been this bad before."

As far as potholes go, this season has been brutal to drivers all over town.

Templeton lives on one of the streets that will be getting some of the $3 million-worth of repairs, and it can't come soon enough.

"When I drive, I go real slow so it doesn't do any damage," Templeton says.

"You can't even go the speed limit!" adds neighbor Loris Askew.

There is, however, a twist to these timely tar touch-ups.

The asphalt used to fix our roads is made with petroleum-- and petroleum has become quite the expensive commodity.

"if the price of fuel goes up, the price of asphalt goes up, and we've seen it go way up in the past three years," says city operations superintendent Vic Rose. He says $3 million in asphalt doesn't get you as much as it used to.

That means more roads could have been repaired in less expensive times and now they won't be.

"We don't get as much for the dollar as we used to," he says.

Regardless, come spring, if you drive anywhere from St. Joe to Mt. Hope, from Pennsylvania to Pattengill, you should soon notice the difference.

"I say praise the lord!" Askew says.

No matter how you look at it, it looks like smoother roads ahead.

Mayor Virg Bernero will go before city council Thursday to ask them to approve the $3 million loan for the projects.

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