A Bittersweet Homecoming

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Sandi Sheldon and her daughter Hannah are finally home.

"We waited so long," Sandi Sheldon said. "She's a joy. She's really kept me going this week."

Sheldon's week has certainly been an emotional one. After she and her husband, Dennis, flew to china to adopt Hannah in late October, Dennis suddenly died of diabetic shock. Then, the U.S. government blocked Sandi from returning with her daughter because her family status had changed. It took some hard work from some in China, and U.S. Congressman Mike Rogers, but mom and daughter are back in Lansing.

"I want to thank [Mike Rogers.] Words can not express how I feel," Sandi said. "I want to thank everyone who prayed for us and tried to help us."

Sandi's brother Darryl said the family is overjoyed to have her back. They anxiously waited for her at Capitol City Airport with a lot of anticipation.

"We are a close knit family," Darryl Hill said.

Dennis spent a week with his new daughter in China before he died and that's something that keeps family members going.

"Denny-berger - that's what we called him," Linda Sustaiti, Sandi's sister said. "It's sad he's not here to share in this enjoyment, but he did get to spend time with Hannah."

Sandi said Dennis always loved Children.

"He was a wonderful man," she said.

Now Dennis' memory can be found in the happy little girl that has a new life in America.

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