Police shooting victim was pointing e-cigarette

The El Cajon Police Department released this photograph they said shows Alfred Olango, 38, pointing a vaping device at police.
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-- Police say it was a 4-inch-long electronic smoking device that a black man pointed at a Southern California police officer who shot and killed him.
El Cajon police said Wednesday night that they recovered the vaping device consisting of a cylinder and a box that 38-year-old Alfred Olango was holding when he was shot on Tuesday.
Police Chief Jeff Davis says Olango pulled the device from his pocket, held it with both hands and took a "shooting stance" toward one of the two officers who were there.
Police released a still image of a video of the shooting that showed Olango in the stance.
One of the officers attempted to shock him with a stun gun, and the other shot and killed him.
Police had only previously revealed that Olango pointed something that was not a weapon at the officers.

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