Thank You Frontline Workers!

As a gesture of our appreciation, Channel 10 and PFCU are partnering to thank frontline workers with meals from local restaurants and grocers as they dedicate their time to keeping us safe during the Coronavirus Pandemic. WILX and PFCU donated the first $2,000, now you can help too!

Please join us and show your support by contributing any amount to help us buy meals from local restaurants and grocers, which will be delivered to frontline workers.


Thanks to your generosity and support, Feed the Frontline has raised more than $10,000!

100% of donations will go to pay for food, delivery charges, tips and transaction fees.
All donations will go to feed frontline workers at Michigan hospitals and support local restaurants and grocery stores.
This transaction should be viewed as you purchasing food directly for frontline workers and therefore are not tax-deductible.
All funds will be used feed frontline workers before June 1, 2020 unless the campaign is specifically extended beyond that date by WILX.