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About Us

At Jackson Public Schools we provide a world Class education for your student to use as their foundation For life. JPS Where Community Comes Together.


K-5 - Today more than ever, educators must address both the “what” and the “how” of teaching and learning.  We are concerned about both what is taught and how instruction is delivered.  During the past two years, a team of elementary teachers and principals have worked on the development of the Standards Based Report (SBR) cards for grades 3-5.  Teachers in grades K-2 are already utilizing the SBR card/grading. 

What It Is, What It Means, What It Offers

Expecting More

  • Getting children ready to take their place in the world is challenging.
  • The knowledge and skills students need for a well - paying job continually evolve to meet current and future workplace demands.
  • To ensure students can meet these demands, the State Board of Education routinely strengthens Michigan learning standards. 
  • State standards broadly outline what students need to know and are able to do in each subject and grade level to be career-and college ready upon high school graduation.
  • Standards also serve as a foundation for teachers to develop classroom curriculum and lesson plans.

Today's standards challenge students to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of subject matter.
  • Learn how to think critically.
  • Apply what they are learning to the real world.
  • Make learning relevant in their lives

Achieving More

  • Just as “world-class” athletes continue to break records that were once thought unreachable, today’s learners aim higher as state standards rise to meet future workforce demands.
  • As student knowledge increases, student achievement on state assessments should increase and help ensure all students are prepared for success in college and the workplace.