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About Us

Front Room is exclusive to the Lansing area. We are a shop owned and operated by women for women’s needs. We have a great deal of experience helping women who have undergone various types of breast surgery. We offer you personal, confidential and caring service in a professional but feminine boutique.



Front Room Underfashions FAQ

How soon after surgery can I be fitted with a prosthesis?
Your doctor will be able to tell you when you are ready. Six weeks is a good “rule of thumb” because you want to be completely healed and the swelling to be minimal. We suggest a preview visit before your surgery. You can become acquainted with the prosthetics and you can talk to the women who work at Front Room, who will reassure you that you are not alone.

How will I know which prosthesis is right for me?
Front Room carries many types and brands of prosthetics. The prostheses are custom fitted, proportioned and perfectly balanced to match your natural breast. Our experienced fitters will assist you in choosing the right form for you.

How long will I have to wait to get my prosthesis after I am fitted?
Front Room has a complete inventory. We think it is important for you to leave our shop wearing your new form and feeling confident. The fitting takes about an hour.

Will this be covered by my insurance?
The purchase of a prosthesis and bra is very often covered by insurance. It is always best to check with your carrier to find out what coverage you have. It is no longer considered to be a cosmetic item.

Do I need a prescription from my doctor?
Most insurance plans do cover a prosthesis, though a prescription from your doctor is REQUIRED. Ask your doctor to include in the prescription: silicone breast prosthesis, mastectomy surgical bras, which side your surgery was on, and diagnosis of breast cancer.

Will I have to wear mastectomy bras?
No, at Front Room we like to fit you with fashion bras like those you are accustomed to wearing. It has been our experience that you will feel better wearing bras like the ones you have worn in the past. Any bra that fits well can be modified to be worn with a prosthesis.

Will I be able to wear a swimsuit?
Yes, all of our swimwear can be altered to be worn with a prosthesis. Our swimwear is designed to make you look fashionable and feel comfortable.

Can I wear it when I swim?
Yes, you can wear your breast form in a hot tub, swimming pool and ocean. Most breast forms are designed to withstand the same temperatures as your body. We do recommend that you gently wash and dry your breast form after these activities.

If someone hugs me, will they be able to tell?
You will be amazed at how life-like the prosthesis feels. The shape and softness are very much like real breast tissue. You will be able to hug back with confidence.

Are my fears abnormal?
Your feelings are never abnormal. It is very normal to feel anxious when confronted with breast cancer. Some of the women at Front Room have had mastectomies and understand your fears and anxieties.

Will there be private fitting rooms?
Yes, your privacy is a very important consideration at Front Room. We encourage you to bring a friend or spouse along when you come to be fitted if that would make you more comfortable.