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About Us

Since 1988, Avery Eye Care Center has offered provider of quality vision care products and personalized optometry services to our patients in St. Johns and the surrounding areas. Our experienced doctors and staff offer comprehensive vision examinations and are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide array of eye diseases, conditions, and problems.

In our mission to provide the best eye care services possible, our doctors use only the most advanced, state-of-the-art diagnostic technology and eye care products available. We are committed to educating our patients and providing personalized eye care services to the people of St. Johns. At Avery Eye Care Center, you will find eye care professionals who genuinely care about your health and are dedicated to providing exceptional personal service to everyone who walks through our door.

Avery Eye Care Center FAQ

How often should you have an eye exam?
The A.O.A. recommends annual eye exams to monitor the health and prescription of your eyes. Some insurance plans only cover every two years and that can be okay based on your conversation with your optometrist.

What is dry eye?
Dry eye is a lack of quality tears produced to lubricate the eyes or increased evaporation of your tears or both. Symptoms include redness, itching, burning, scratchiness, or blurred vision. There are many remedies of dry eyes based on the severity. Avery Eye Care Center specializes as a certified dry eye clinic.

Is lasik surgery covered by my insurance?
Lasik is no longer covered by heath or vision insurance. Some vision or medical plans will offer a savings off the retail price which all of our Lasik specialists that we use have already reduced their price to that amount.

What is a cataract?
Cataract is typically an aging change that results in the cloudiness of the natural lens inside your eye. This results in blurred or foggy vision, especially at night. Cataract surgery has grown into a no stitch procedure that enables you to resume your everyday lifestyle soon after. Cataract surgery is typically a painless, outpatient procedure that requires one drop every thirty days. Cataracts are never done on both eyes on the same day, but will be done within one week apart.

What are flashes and floaters?
Another again process that results in the jelly called the vitreous, separates from the back of the eye called the retina. The jelly gives us the structure in the eye, where the retina gives us our 20/20 vision. As this process happens, it can result in tissue being torn off, which causes floaters that are described as cob-webs, black spots, gnats, or circular holes. Occasionally the separation can result in a lighting bolt type flash. These are all very common symptoms. 1% of the time, this may result in a retinal hole or tear, which requires immediate attention and treatment to prevent a vision threat or retinal detachment. And thus, patients need to call the office immediately when this occurs.