Tips and techs for watching the big game

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NBC News (NBC) - Because of the Super Bowl this weekend, thousands of people are getting ready for the big game.

If you're hosting a viewing party or just tuning in at home there are ways to take your watching experience to the next level.

Liz McLaughlin has tips to upgrade your television setup in time for kick off like getting a 2019 TV with 8k resolution.

Scott Cohen from Samsung told NBC News, "this TV is one step closer to looking right out your window."

But while the newest sets are getting hyped, prices on last year's models are getting slashed making this a prime time to find deals.

Jim Willcox, Consumer Reports said, "A lot of people want to have a bigger TV to watch the big game, good news we've seen prices really fall on the bigger size sets."

More consumers are getting TVs that are 65 inches or larger.

Cohen said, "One thing they don't do is move their couch back, so they're sitting closer and closer to these TVs"

If you're planning to upgrade without extra room you may want to invest in a higher resolution 4K set with a wide viewing angle.

Tweaking the settings may also help optimize the picture.

Willcox said, "It sounds probably counter intuitive but don't use the sports setting, we think you should put it in movie or cinema mode. That's going to give you a more natural lifelike picture."

Audio is another consideration.

The physics of razor-thin displays can limit the built-in sound quality.

Lauren Goode of Wired said, "Look to something like a soundbar that will really enhance the whole audio experience, especially with lots of people crowded around the living room."

On game day glean the benefits of your new setup by actually looking at it instead of staring at your phone.

Goode said, "It's really tempting these days to have your nose buried in your phone, but just keep your head up from time to time and enjoy the people you're with and enjoy the game."

Maximize the viewing experience... with your full attention.