3 Lugnuts players share laughs, their backgrounds

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LANSING, MI (WILX) - A minor league baseball team, such as Lansing's Lugnuts can draw players from all over the world.

These three Lugnuts players: Hagen Danner (C), Dominic Abbadessa (IF), and Jake Brodt (OF) share a background that goes all the way back to high school.

So, it is quite a coincidence that three players on the current team share such a similar background.

This season when anyone meets infielder Jake Brodt, outfielder Dominic Abbadessa and catcher Hagan Danner, you will meet three young men who enjoy laughing and making others laugh with them.

Yes, they are good at baseball, but they can also entertain just about anybody (to find this out, simply watch Seth Wells' feature of these three ballplayers).

What allows them the ability to feel so comfortable around one another is not just the shared experience of playing in the minors, but having played together as high school teammates.

The three stared on the diamond at Huntington Beach High School in Southern California.

These three now rely on each other over 2,000 miles east of their home town.

"We kind of look at each other for comfort a little bit,' says Brodt, the Lugnuts infielder. "We're not going to like pester each other in the moment if somebody is struggling, but it's nice to look to somebody you've known for a long time just because you know you can trust them."

The chemistry they bring to the team is a welcome site to their current manager Dallas McPherson.

"Those guys get along great," says McPherson "They live together also so it's like they never left high school. They definitely bring an added chemistry to the team and for a new team and a young season I think it helps out having that familiarity."

And now their journey to the major leagues is just beginning.

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