Women's Tennis Association makes new rules for players

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - The Women's Tennis Association has some new rules.

The changes come after outcry over Serena Williams' rankings when she came back to the pro tour after giving birth.

She dropped from number 1 to number 451.

Under the new rules, women who return to the tour can use a special ranking for up to three years after childbirth.

The changes also affect what kind of clothes are allowed.

Now, women can wear leggings or compression shorts or suits without having to wear a skirt, dress or shorts over them.

The move comes after Williams wore a compression suit during the french open to guard against life-threatening blood clots, only to get an icy reception from the president of the french tennis federation.

He said it wasn't "respectful" of the game and suggested it would be banned.

There's also a new rule for players who return from an injury that has sidelined them for a year or more.

They'll be able to use a special ranking too