Spartans return home from Minneapolis

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EAST LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - The Spartans have returned from the March to Minnesota.

News 10 was there when the team bus arrived home at the Breslin Center around noon on Monday.

Michigan State lost to Texas Tech in the Final Four Saturday night.

Coach Tom Izzo told us that this was a special team that overcame a lot of obstacles and injuries.

He said he knows things have been tough around campus lately and although a basketball game can't solve all the problems, he hopes that the team's run helped.

"Boy, what I witnessed up there with our fans, media, our players," said Izzo. "I think it started a process and a trend and so many people were proud to be Spartans and you know I think that's bigger than just basketball."

Texas Tech will take on Virginia in the National Title game Monday night.

Izzo said he thinks it will be a close, physical game and he expects Virginia will win.