Spartans arrive in Minneapolis for Final Four

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Tom Izzo's team is in Minneapolis Wednesday night, Thursday morning they'll get to work preparing to take on Texas Tech in the Final Four.

It's been four years since Michigan State was last in the final four so Kenny Goins and Tom Izzo are use to the gathering that was here at their team hotel tonight, but for others it's a brand new experience.

"You know that's true, it is a happening and I missed it for a few years but it never gets old and I'm glad I'm back" said MSU Head Coach Tom Izzo.

"Just all the welcoming parties and everything it's always real inviting and it's a huge deal for everyone on the team and obviously the city too" said MSU Forward Kenny Goins

"Well they said we would have something like that as soon as we walked in" said MSU Center Nick Ward, "So they warned us but you know what I love it, it's very welcoming."

"Oh it's crazy you know Spartan fans are loving us and supporting us every step of the way" said MSU Guard Cassius Winston, "I think this is just the beginning though, they say it only gets crazier but it's a lot of love so far."

The Spartans will start their activities tomorrow at U.S. Bank Stadium.