Police Looking For More Suspects in Toronto

Courtesy: Frank Gunn (The Canadian Press via AP)

TORONTO (AP) TORONTO (AP) -- Police in Canada are looking for a fourth person and haven't recovered the gun involved in a shooting at a rally for the NBA champion Raptors that left four people wounded and sent thousands fleeing.
Police arrested three people who are now facing firearms charges for the shooting, but the shell casings at the scene didn't match two guns seized.
Meanwhile, a lawyer for a deputy involved in an altercation with the president of the Raptors as he tried to join his team on the court to celebrate their NBA championship said his client is considering a lawsuit.
The attorney says the deputy has a jaw injury, suffered a concussion and is on medical leave.
A sheriff's spokesman says the deputy was checking court-access credentials after the game Thursday in Oakland when Raptors President Masai Ujiri (muh-SY' yoo-JEER'-ee) shoved the deputy and Ujiri's arm struck him in the side of the head.
The team has said it was cooperating with the investigation and gathering information on its own.

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