DeWitt advances to playoffs, Waverly look toward next season

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WAVERLY, Mich. (WILX) -- 63-27 was the final here in Waverly, as the DeWitt Panthers came into town and beat the Warriors. For one team, it means a chance for another playoff run, for another, the end of their season.

DeWitt is headed to their 19th straight playoff, and Friday's game was just another stepping stone in their preparation.

"I think we did a lot of good things tonight, a few mistakes heading into the playoffs but overall we'll take it. Getting to where we're at right now is an accomplishment, but they have big goals," said DeWitt coach Rob Zimmerman.

Looking ahead, Zimmerman isn't planning to change much heading into the postseason.

"Try to keep things as similar as you can from one week to the next, that's the key in the playoffs, to have a shot at a good run you have to keep things how the kids are used to having them."

For Waverly, the start of a new opportunity. Waverly's 27 points were the most scored on the Panthers this season.

"It's a new team, a new process. DeWitt hasn't been scored on more than 20, so I give my team credit," said senior David Smith, who played in his last game Friday.

For a 1-8 season, the Waverly Warriors sure know how to have a lot of fun.