Minneapolis used to hosting big events

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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (WILX) -- When the Twin Cities won the bid in 2014 to host this year's Final Four, they knew that US Bank Stadium would be made for events like this.

Patrick Talty, US Bank Stadium's general manager says, "Minneapolis knows how to put big events on, and of course we have this world-class iconic structure with US Bank Stadium."

The stadium is hosting its second major sporting event in the same amount of years. The event may be different, but it's not slowing preparation down.

"To put a basketball game in a football stadium, it takes a lot of work. We have to put in 18,000 seats to being the seating down to the court, and of course we've hung this big scoreboard over the court, which was another big feat, so it's been a lot of work, we've been working on this for over a month, and the team's done a great job."

The site of the final four is the freshest of a set of new sports facilities in the twin cities. Not only do events like the final four bring tourism to the area but they also give facilities a chance to shine.

"When Minnesota decides to do a stadium, they do it right. When you get put on the map and people are watching all over the world, they know and hear about US Bank Stadium, they want to play where the champions play."