MSU student tricks Northern Illinois football coach with fake twitter account

 NCAA 14 football player Patrick Flowers
NCAA 14 football player Patrick Flowers (WILX)
Published: Apr. 21, 2020 at 9:07 PM EDT
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On Twitter if you search the name Patrick Flowers one of the first accounts that comes up might at first glance look like college football's next stud quarterback. Jad Safadi, a sophomore at Michigan State University created a Twitter account for his created player in the NCAA Football '14 video game. While it is obvious with a simple click on the profile picture that the player doesn't really exist, that hasn't stopped fans and even coaches from initially buying into the account.

Northern Illinois football coach Thomas Hammock saw a tweet from the Patrick Flowers account that claimed he was offered by NIU. That upset Hammock, who initially didn't realize the account was a joke following a video game players' recruitment. Hammock messaged the account on Twitter to express his anger before realizing the situation.

Hammock then tweeted following the incident saying "He got me" with two laughing face emojis to follow. The school has also since acknowledged the joke by sending Safadi's fake player an edited image showing the face of Patrick Flowers on top of an NIU football jersey.

"Northern Illinois has been really cool about it. They sent me an edit with my players' head on on of the Northern Illinois jerseys which I thought was pretty cool. They understood it was a joke," said Safadi.

Safadi ended the recruitment of his created player by committing to Michigan State, a decision that has lost him a lot of followers on the account.

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