Liugnuts 'Big Lug Wave' kicks off in Lansing Area

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LANSING, Mich (WILX) -- The Lansing Lugnuts may not be able to open the stadium for baseball right now due to the coronavirus pandemic, but they are still looking for ways to connect with the community. Not only did they hold a fun virtual opening day for their fans a couple of weeks ago, but now they are starting the 'Big Lug Wave', where Lugnuts mascot Big Lug rides around Lansing in a pickup truck to wave to all of the fans who are currently stuck at home during the 'Stay Home, Stay Safe' executive order from Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

The Lugnuts hope to make the Big Lug wave a weekly tradition.

"Obviously we can't open the stadium right now to have Big Lug roaming around and we hope that having him in the back of the truck and going around waving at people, whether it's through the window or at a safe distance can bring a smile to their face during these unprecedented times. We just believe that we still owe that to the community," said Lugnuts General Manager Tyler Parsons.

Check the Lugnuts social media sites for updates on where Big Lug will be next!