Jesse Goldberg-Strassler on the call for his 11th season

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While the Lugnuts closed out their home series Thursday night, among the key members of the Lugnuts' organization is the veteran radio broadcaster Jesse Goldberg-Strassler.

Goldberg-Strassler also helps the club with marketing duties.

"I got into this because I grew up listening to this. Every day I would listen to the radio for Baltimore Orioles games" said Goldberg-Strassler.

He's been the main voice for the Lansing Lugnuts for a decade now and also calls Central Michigan Women's Basketball.

He's very accomplished on the microphone as he was named the 2013 Midwest League Broadcaster of the year, but his presence isn't just felt over the airwaves.

Aside from making opposing Broadcasters feel welcome with a personally made sign each series, he also plays a pivotal role in helping his broadcast partners pursue their dreams.

"Being in the Midwest League for the first time and experiencing minor league baseball for the first time I'm going to have some questions and that's where Jesse has been great" said Lugnuts Color Commentator Adam Jaksa. "He helps me better myself outside of broadcasting and in broadcasting as a whole."

Goldberg-Strassler is a Maryland native but says the Lansing community has welcomed him with open arms.

"All of the Lugnuts fans have been wonderful and embracing me and making me feel like a part of this community," said Goldberg-Strassler. "The players have been great. The Blue Jays have made sure that we've gotten high character guys from the coaching staff right on through the team and the community itself. Living here in Mid-Michigan has really been a wonderful thing."

So the next time you're driving thorugh town or sitting on the porch, tune into the game and let the voice of the Lugnuts paint the picture from the ballpark.