In My View 4/5/2019: Spartans Final Four

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(WILX) -- For Michigan State to beat Texas Tech tomorrow night-- the basics continue in my view-- stay out of foul trouble, take 3 high percentage shots, don't turn the ball over against a rugged defense, or as little as possible, take high percentage shots, etc.

These are fundamental requirements the Spartans will need because in my view this promises to be another close game.

Many Michigan State basketball players have contributed to this season's current 32-6 record everyone who has followed the team knows that-- but Cassius Winston, the Big Ten player of the year and an Associated Press first team all american, has garnered the lion's share of publicity over his teammates and of course it is well deserved.

But then someone asked me who is this team's second MVP?

Man that's tough because so many others have contributed.

I'll answer by saying Xavier Tillman. He improved mightily from last season.

He is tough and coachable and he stood in there tough last Sunday against duke and held Zion Williamson reasonably in check. I say after Cassius Winston, the Spartans could most ill afford to lose Xavier Tillman who must play a great number of minutes and he must also stay out of foul trouble which he has done for most of the season.

If Michigan State goes on to win the NCAA title on Monday night it would be, in my view, the Spartans' most noteworthy athletic achievement that

I've seen in my 50 years on the air. And that includes football. When MSU won basketball titles in 1979 and 2000 those teams were laden with future NBA star players.

This team lost two key players in Josh Langford and Kyle Ahrens and nick ward, the key inside man, has been hurt on and off for much of the latter part of the season.

The NBA draft rundowns don't show any MSU players in the top 60 when the selections are made in June, although that might change by the time this tournament finally ends.

It's amazing to me the Spartans have won what they've already won.

But they have bought into the idea that if they play together and trust each other then they have a good chance at success and that formula certainly has worked through most of this memorable season.

Like I have a clue everywhere I go I get asked, who's going to win the national championship?

Both teams seem to be brimming with confidence and Texas Tech, seen here practicing this afternoon, is red hot in this tournament.

The Spartans are brimming with confidence after winning the Big Ten tournament and four NCAA tournament games in the past month.

I think you can make a case for any of the four to win it all and any of the four to get knocked out tomorrow night.

I'll take Michigan State by two over Texas Tech and Virginia by two over Auburn and then I'll get back to you Monday with an updated pick after I see how they all perform tomorrow night.

In my view this is such a tough Final Four to figure-- the teams so evenly matched.

What will it take to get two winners tomorrow night over the top and into Monday's final?

Michigan State can do it of course and the Spartans are indeed confident-- but the other three teams are confident as well.

These games should mirror what we've seen thus far in the first 64 games of the tournament in my view