Hero-fan throws shade at Eagles after loss to Detroit

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NBC NEWS (NBC) - The city of Brotherly Love, turned into the city of -tough love- for one Eagles player on Sunday.

A Philadelphia man threw some shade at a Philadelphia Eagles player last night as he was describing how he helped save some children from a house fire. (Source NBC)

A fire broke out in a building overnight, trapping a family inside.

A passerby named Hakim Laws saw the fire and jumped into action to help save the children who were being dropped from a window.

When asked to describe what happened, Laws couldn't help but throw a little shade at Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor in the process.

"Took the ladder off the truck. Raised it up and was assisting people down. My man just started throwing babies out the window," Laws said. "We was catching them, unlike Agholor and his mishaps. Just put that out there."

That's a harsh take for Agholor from a man being hailed as a hero.

But to be fair, Agholor was targeted twelve times, making eight catches for 50-yards and two touchdowns in yesterday's loss against the Detroit Lions.

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