Hernandez" Murder Conviction Reinstated

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BOSTON (AP) BOSTON (AP) -- Attorneys for late NFL star Aaron Hernandez are criticizing the decision by Massachusetts' highest court to reinstate his murder conviction.
The Supreme Judicial Court on Wednesday scrapped the legal principle that erased Hernandez's conviction after he killed himself in prison. It also ordered Hernandez's conviction to be restored.
The ruling doesn't affect any other past cases.
Hernandez's lawyers say they plan to ask the court to reconsider the reinstatement of Hernandez's conviction. They say there is no reason the new rule should be applied to Hernandez's case and that the court "departed from its usual standards in coming to this decision."
Hernandez was found guilty in 2015 of killing semi-professional football player Odin Lloyd. The 27-year-old Hernandez was found dead in his prison cell in April 2017, days after being acquitted of most charges in a separate double-murder case.

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