Former Spartans relive historic game

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EAST LANSING, Mich. (WILX) It's been 50 years since Bob Apisa and his Michigan State Football team took home a Big Ten Championship and a national title.

"The last 50 years, that feat has not been replicated, so it gives you an idea of how hard it is," Apisa said at a homecoming event that brought that team back together.

That's part of the reason why Apisa made a documentary about that team and what it accomplished. "It was a very special period of life for those of us coming from the north, coming from the south, interchanging and intermixing of different ethnicities," he said. "I had never played with Caucasian or African American players."

Apisa a fullback alongside defensive end Phil Hoag. "They all relive every game, every point, every touchdown, frankly I can't even remember them," Apisa joked. He says he prefers to hear about what the players have been doing in the 50 years since.

"It's fun to come back to listen to what the guys have been doing the last ten years, and there's some really, really incredible, Jimmy Raye just finished up in the NFL after 35 years of coaching," Hoag said.

Players have become surgeons and principals, Hoag himself is a business developer. Former Defensive Coordinator Hank Bullough has sent two sons, four grandsons and a granddaughter to play for the Spartans.

"It's the best school in the universe. Michigan State people, that's why it's the best, it's because the people help each other, we do anything that we can," he said.

He says the men and women at the reunion of the 1966 team would still help a Spartan tackle any problem.

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