Dansville and Bath Put on Hold With a 14-6 Bees Lead

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DANSVILLE, MI. (WILX) -- The Dansville Aggies and Bath Bees managed to battle through one and a half thrilling quarters before a weather delay forced things to carry on at 11:00 A.M. Saturday. It was a slugfest as both sides went to war on the ground game.

The Bees stung first with five minutes to go in the first quarter when Gavin Parry plowed his way through Aggies to just barely cross the plane and give them an 8-0 lead after the successful two-point conversion.

Dansville would respond after Carson Voss showed off a Madden move to lose a Bath defensive back on a cutback and scramble 45-yards for six.

Then the weather front, a two-punch combination of terrential rain and lightning, made it's way into town to force a postponement into Saturday morning.