Bad weather threatens games again

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LANSING, MI (WILX) -- Another Friday night of high school football and another rainy forecast has threatened to ruin all of the fun.

This is the third week that weather has caused issues for high school teams.

News 10's Kellan Buddy was live at Lansing Catholic High School where the Cougars hope they can get their game against Lansing Sexton after two weeks of postponed games so far this season.

Not only is the rain ruining all the fun, but it also throws a wrench in weekend schedules for student athletes, families and referees.

Lightning and thunderstorms have caused postponements for two weeks of games so far this year with over 100 games postponed across the state in week five.

The MHSAA said the hardest part of postponing games is finding referees for those postponed games.

"There's officials working a lot of different levels...they have different commitments, officiating, family events, or whatever. So there have been a couple of games where we've had to go to Monday to finish games this year because that's when we've had officials available," Geoff Kimmerly, of MHSAA.

The bad weather doesn't just affect the games from a referee standpoint, it's also a bad omen for school ticket sales.

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