Healthy Easter Baskets


• Collectively, Americans spend more than two billion dollars on Easter candy every year.
o Some of the healthiest, best basket-fillers are affordable and can even be found at a nearby dollar store.
• When it comes to filling baskets, traditional treats can lead to the overconsumption of more than twice the daily recommended sugar intake in one sitting.
o The recommendation for school-aged children is to limit consumption of added sugar to 4 teaspoons per day.
• To keep things healthy and fun this Easter, take the opportunity to ignite a child’s passion by filling his or her basket with items based on interests and personality.
o Take it a step further by mixing and matching themes to encourage the exploration of new activities.


Basket #1: The Creative Child
• Participating in performance arts has been shown to improve physical development, emotional maturity and cognitive development in children.
• Encouraging kids to experiment with arts and crafts can improve motor skills, language development and visual learning.
• A child who loves spending time in the kitchen is likely to develop great listening skills, better eating habits and an early understanding of basic math and science.
Basket #2: The Thinker
• A thoughtful child may enjoy brain-teasers such as: Sudoku, crossword puzzles, a Rubik’s cube or color-by-number books.
• Those who tend to be on the quiet or shy side are often great listeners, very observant and self-aware.
• Encouraging literacy at a young age helps children explore a broader vocabulary, demonstrate better communication skills and provides an outlet for creative imagination.
• Children can benefit from moderate screen time. Movies provide an opportunity to expose children to historic events and different cultures, while also initiating conversations about morals and life lessons.
Basket #3: The Energetic Child
• Getting involved in athletics can improve social skills, boost self-confidence and endorse teamwork at a young age.
• If a child doesn’t prefer athletics, finding an outlet for their energy may be more challenging. Consider items like glow sticks for a basement dance party, active video games or items that can be used to set up a scavenger hunt throughout the house.
• Jump rope, Frisbees, hula hoops and other traditional toys are great go-to basket fillers for children to shed some energy and play inside and outside the house.