Andy Provenzano's "May I Have Another Bowl?" Chili Recipe


3lbs of 93% lean ground chuck
4 cans of diced tomato (can use the chili ready version or spice up you own)
2 cans of red kidney beans
2 cans of great northern beans
1 can of light kidney beans
1 sweet onion
4 beef bouillon cubes
½ lb. of petite carrots
Chili seasoning to taste and according to how spicy you like it
3 tablespoons of onion salt
( add peppers of any kind to make chili spicy)


Brown the ground chuck and drain it well. In a very large pan just add all the ingredients. Dice the onion and take the time to cut the petite carrots into small sections. The carrots will provide just enough sweet taste. Bring it to a slow boil. Stir frequently. Boil until carrots are tender with is about 40 minutes. A cup or two of water may be added if the chili isn’t soupy enough. I like it with more substance.
Suggestion #1: Serve over a bed of angel hair pasta
Suggestion #2: Add one cup of ketchup if you want a sweeter taste