Transformers: The Last Knight filming in rural Ingham County

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WILLIAMSTON, MI (WILX) The script for the fifth Transformers movie called for a rural setting for a few scenes. Producer Ian Bryce says scouts found the perfect place, in the countryside around Williamston and Webberville

"We've had great experiences, great crews, we've always gotten a very warm welcome here from the local residents and the film commission and everybody involved," producer Ian Bryce, who says he and director Michael Bay have come to Michigan for shooting five times, said. "We love shooting in Michigan. It's become part of our franchise."

This movie will give fans the explosions and stunts people can always expect from Bay's films, but add a little something different, Bryce says. "We've got a lot of really new and fun stuff in the movie creatively," he said. "We're going to be shooting in Europe, so there's a lot of new stuff that will inspire people to see what we hope is a fresh, new version of a Transformers film."

A big chunk of the movie, about half of the shooting schedule, is being filmed in Michigan. Bryce says he's noticed some people trying to catch a sneak preview. "There are some families sitting on their front porches, watching us film," Bryce said with a smile. "We rent some of their space to park our equipment and stuff. I think they see us filming and then they go, "Oh, we want to go see that film and then go, 'Oh there's our house, and there's our farm.'"

Bryce thanked everyone in Michigan and Detroit who have helped with the films and been welcoming to the crew, and says he hopes he and the rest of the team will come back some day with another movie.


The fifth installment of the Transformers series is currently being filmed in Michigan, and Ingham County is getting a taste of Hollywood.

Northbound and Southbound M-52 between M-36 and Howell Rd. is completely closed until Midnight on Thursday night while Transformers five crews film.

The film, which stars Mark Wahlberg and Josh Duhamel has been shooting in Detroit the past few weeks. Location Scouts had visited the Eckart Power Station in Lansing, but scheduling conflicts prevented them from filming.

The previous Transformers film shot scenes at GM's Lansing Delta Township Plant.