Mother and 4 year old daughter ordered to vacate cold apartment

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JACKSON, Mich. (WILX) - A mother, Samantha Jones, and her four-year-old daughter, Madlyn, were ordered to vacate their apartment because of a non-working furnace.

"We're homeless. We basically have to stay with friends I don't have options to do anything, So basically we just had to up and leave and fend for ourselves," said Samantha Jones, ordered to vacate home.

Jones was living at Wildwood Apartments and had complained to her apartment management more than once, about there being no heat.

"I feel like that they have just left us high and dry," said Jones.

After four days of nothing being done, she took her complaints to the city of Jackson.

"They came in that same day and told me I had to vacate the premises," said Jones.

The city of Jackson confirms they gave Jones a vacate notice for "unfit for human habitation." The city put her up in a hotel before Samantha left on her own to stay with friends.

"Feeling like a burden because I have to live at other peoples houses and Madelyn doesn't have the consistency of a household. So I think she's confused because she's 4 she doesn't' understand. It's horrible to feel that you are letting down your daughter even though it's not your fault," said Jones.

News 10 called the owners, Metro Detroit Rentals, and they told us multiple stories: the heat is fixed she can move back in or they are in the process of working on it
They claim they called Jones three times this week.

"Nope, they just called me today, and I was working so I couldn't even answer," said Jones.

It's left Jones scrambling, without a plan.

"They basically left us with nothing. I'm astounded by not even having a response because I pay my rent on time if not early every single month and I can't even get the decency of having my heat fixed," said Jones.

We called the city of Jackson and they told us they've received complaints about heat in the past from that complex.

According to the city, they have received no notice from the management company about the heat working so that unit is still unlivable.