Zero dollar paycheck on House floor

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WASHINGTON, DC (NBC) -- Friday is the first payday of the year for federal workers but hundreds of thousands of them will receive a paycheck for zero dollars because of the partial government shutdown.

A point made on Friday by Democratic representative Jennifer Wexton of Virginia on the house floor Friday morning, she brought a blown up copy of the paycheck.

Representative Wexton says there's not much federal workers can do with zero dollars.

"You can't pay your mortgage with zero dollars," she said. "You can't buy groceries with zero dollars. You can't pay your medical bills or fill up your tanks - your gas tank, with zero dollars."

Representative Jennifer Wexton (D) Virginia added, "They shouldn't have to sell off their belongings or return their children's Christmas presents just to make ends meet. They shouldn't wonder how they're going to survive. Our national parks are filling up with trash. Many TSA security screeners can't afford to commute to work. The FDA is not inspecting our food supply. Our hard working federal employees are doing their jobs, it's time for President Trump and Senator McConnell to do theirs."

A bill funding the Department of Homeland Security, along with a bill to fund the rest, have passed the house. But Senator Mitch McConnell says he will not bring them to the floor of the senate unless President Trump will support it.