Be good to your heart this Valentines Day

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) Whether it's candy hearts or a three course meal, spending Valentine's Day with your sweetheart might not be the best thing for your heart.

But there are ways you can stay healthy on this day of love. Instead of giving sweets, give the gift of spending time with your significant other. Instead of going to a fancy restaurant, cook a candlelit dinner at home.

There are also ways to help your kids say healthy for school as well. Cardiologist Dr. Jyoti Sharma said, "Things like stickers, or fun Valentine's day cards, or let them make friendship bracelets as a way for them to show how much they appreciate their friends instead of sending them to school with candy."

While it might not make the most romantic date, the American Heart Association has also set up free heart screenings at CVS Minute Clinics across the country this Valentine's Day and every Thursday in February.