UPDATE: Miles Bridges cleared for competition after internal review

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WILX UPDATE: According to the MSU Interim Athletics Director Bill Beekman, Miles Bridges has been cleared for competition beginning Sunday and moving forward, after an internal review of the athlete.

The internal review comes following allegations released Friday in a Yahoo! Sports article.

Michigan State released a statement on Friday afternoon after the Yahoo sports report about Miles Bridges’ mother was released that morning.

Michigan State head men’s basketball coach Tom Izzo said, “We are aware of the report in Yahoo! Sports. While we will cooperate with any and all investigations, we have no reason to believe that I, any member of our staff or student-athlete did anything in violation of NCAA rules.”

And Michigan State Interim Athletics Director Bill Beekman said, “MSU is committed to a culture of NCAA compliance. We have proactively contacted the NCAA and Big Ten Conference. As Coach Izzo has stated, there is no evidence that he or anyone in his program, including student-athletes, did anything impermissible.”

MSU Associate Head Coach Dwayne Stephens also releasted a statement Saturday.

“Throughout my career as a college basketball coach, I’ve been committed to following all NCAA rules, including during the recruiting process. Any insinuation to the contrary is false. I’m confident that I have not committed a violation.”

A Yahoo sports report named the mother of Miles Bridges in a college basketball investigation.

According to the report, Bridge's mother Cynthia violated NCAA rules by accepting $400 from an NBA agent's associate.

The report also claims the associate treated Bridge's parents to a $70 dinner as well.

Yahoo is saying that federal documents detail multiple potential NCAA violations involving high profile players and schools.

They are saying they have reviewed hundreds of pages of documents from a probe that lasted a year. Documents include expense reports, cash advances, and entertainment and travel expenses for high school and college prospects, along with their families, through the agency ASM Sports.

They have found evidence of preferential treatment for players and families of players at Duke, North Carolina, and Michigan State, specifically, Miles Bridges. The amount of money spent ranges from simple meals to money in the tens of thousands.

According to the Yahoo report, a balance sheet from ASM Sports shows accounts through December 31, 2015 labeled "loans to players." Also, a list of money given to college and high school players and their families. It's on this list that you find the mother of Miles Bridges. She is listed as receiving "hundreds of dollars in advances."

While some of these expenses could be considered small amounts, Yahoo reports that these could be categorized as extra benefits under NCAA rules.

At this time, the NCAA has been in contact with the feds regarding this case but it is not certain how the NCAA plans on responding.

According to Yahoo Sports, they reached out to dozens of programs tied to the documents but only the coach from Xavier has elected to release a statement.