Wow Air suddenly ceases operations, stranding thousands

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NBC, (WILX) - Several thousand airline passengers are looking for alternative travel plans after discount carrier Wow Air announced it's bankrupt and ceasing all operations.

The Icelandic airline was popular for its low-priced flights to and from Europe.

The budget carrier employed more than 1,000 people and carried around 3.5 million passengers on its relatively small fleet of 11 planes.

Wow posted a travel alert on its website that said, "Wow Air has ceased operation. All Wow Air flights have been canceled."

A group of 16 school kids from Baltimore had to cancel their plans to leave for Iceland.

"My phone is exploding with parents and staff of going, "Oh my gosh, did you read the news?" And just, you know, "What do we do?" said Liz Baker with the Greenmount School.

Moyez Kamani at Boston's Logan Airport missed his uncle's wake after Wow Air cancelled his flight to Dublin, Ireland.

"I'm very tired, but I'm very strong because I know I have an objective to get to the funeral," he said.

His travel costs doubled after re-booking with another airline.

"It's stressful and I'm hoping and I'm praying that we get home and we get to the funeral safely and we get to be with the family very soon," said Kamani.

Since 2012, Wow has offered flights for as low as $99 to Iceland and Europe from Toronto, Boston, Detroit, New York and Baltimore, though it charged more for luggage, food and legroom.

Fewer tourist visiting to Iceland and rising fuel costs may have been the airlines' ultimate downfall.

Also, Wow consistently suffered poor customer reviews about flight delays.

Wow suggests customers ask their credit card or travel agency for a refund and says would-be customers should look for so-called "rescue fares" which may be offered by rival airlines.